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What we Do

Women Development:

Since the inception of Aurat Association focused all programs to involve rural as well as urban women to come forward and take part in all sphere of life. Women Economic empowerment is our priority through small businesses. Political empowerment is interlinked with women empowerment program. AA sensitized and aware women to take part in political activities. It is our objective that if women will be empowered economically and politically definitely they will bring social change. We have well experienced tam to implement the above mentioned activities. We are working t with the help of sector experts

Child Protection & Development: 

 It is historical fact that male dominated society always try to remain weak both women and children and do not allow to strengthen both the section of society. Domestic as well as in the education institution children are given corporal punishment as a result we take special steps to minimize both type of inhuman treatment with children. We are contributing to protect the rights of child in the country level.

Poverty Alleviation: 

In our society women play a vital role in family to bring financial prosperity but they are being ignored by male. Aurat Association give them practical training of poultry, sewing cutting, dress making etc. and develop their linkages with markets to run businesses of different kind. We are also working on the micro credit, small business development, entrepreneurship    

Peace Building:

Peace in the society is vanishing day by day. Inter faith and with in faith harmony is decreasing.  Poverty, race for wealth, hatred and other factors plundering our peace. Through seminar, dialogues, material development AA always aware the people to bring peace and prosperity in the society.

Disaster Response:

In 2005 earth quake AA (with huge team) took very active part to support the effactees by provision of several daily use food items and constructed thousands of shelters for community in district Mansehra. We have a committed and trained team to meet such  natural disaster management/


Peoples with disability remained one of our program. Through this program we identified PWD and gave training of different businesses. By setting their businesses provided shops, animal also provided them. We take care of PWDs and make linkages with other organizations to help them according to their need.


Human rights is the top most program of AA. On different issues AA played  and playing vital role.

WASH & Environment:

WATSAN is also a top priority program specially in rural areas where women are facing water, sanitation and hygiene problems which directly affect women health.