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WASH & Environment Program:

Works on climate change and environmental protection through awareness raising, deforestation and applying alternate technologies i.e. smokeless stove, solar energy, Water Sanitation and Health (WASH).  Poor natural resource management over many years and continuing high population growth has had a negative impact on Pakistan’s environment. Agricultural runoff–caused by ongoing deforestation–and industrial runoff have polluted water supplies, and factory and vehicle emissions have degraded air quality in the urban centers. Similar to other developing countries, Pakistan has focused on achieving self-sufficiency in food production, meeting energy demands, and containing its high rate of population growth rather than on curtailing pollution or other environmental hazards. As a result, “green” concerns have not been the government’s top priority. Hazara Division is full of natural resources and forests. These forests are becoming depleted due to excessive population pressure while local communities are willing to participate in the improvement and management of these resources as they strongly rely on them. AA will also implement water and sanitation projects to help communities tohave better sanitation services at community level.

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01. Local Initiatives for Forests & Environmental Awareness Korea Green Foundation June – Nov 2013 ·  Provided 1400 Plants to Community.

·  Formed 2 Village Development Committees.

·  Printed & distributed Awareness Raising Material

01. Women Empowerment through Education & Infrastructure for Peace. (WEEIP) MISEREOR, Germany 2006–2012

·  Construction of 550 Washrooms

·  Installation of 36 Hand Pumps

·  Reconstruction & Pavement of 03 Well

·  Pavement of road between village Dosiri & Choora.

·  Provision of 2000 fuel saving Stoves.