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Peace Building Program:

Emphasis is on promotion of peace and harmony among communities, youth and religious people. Pakistan is an immensely plural country characterized by religious, sectarian and ethno-linguistic diversities. Pakistan has had radical demographic changes over the few decades of its existence. Religious intolerance, discrimination against minorities and youth being misused by religious interpreters is heading the country towards deafening future. The entire traumatized situation is broadening the gaps between people living together since ages. Moreover this divide and dis empowerment continues as there is to be seen no or a little interaction between the different groups of the society. The violent trends among the youth are getting popular with the growth of extremism and terrorism which is worsening the present scenario. The general situation of peace and harmony is disturbed for many reasons but the most important is involvement of youth in detracted activities. The energies of youth are being utilized negatively with the blend of misuse of religious emotions.

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01. Women Empowerment through Education & Infrastructure for Peace. (WEEIP) MISEREOR, Germany 2006–2012 ·  Awareness raising through seminar, workshops, Interactive Theater & Material Development
02. Women Political Empowerment for Peace (WPEP) TFD, Taiwan 2007 ·  Social mobilization

·  Awareness raising regarding birth registration & importance Computerized National Identity Card  through Material Development

·  Linkages Development

·  Facilitation for the provision of CNIC to 288 Women & Youth

03. Women Empowerment Project for Peace. CRS 2002-2005 ·  Social Mobilization

·  Awareness raising through Interactive Theater , Group Discussion & Dialogues  at community level

04. Women Political Empowerment Project for Peace (WPEPP) Mama Cash 2001

·  Social Mobilization

·  Awareness raising through seminar, workshops & IEC Material development

·  Provision of CNIC to 415 women