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Poverty Alleviation Program:

Focuses on income generation of poor families, enterprises development training, micro credit and access to market. Majority of the communities in Hazara Division attribute their problems to lack of livelihood opportunities. The main sources of livelihoods of the communities are agriculture and livestock especially among womenfolk. The communities lack skills in different enterprises and trades and also lack access to required investment to start and manage small scale enterprises at household and community level. They also lack opportunities for vocational skills that may help the rural women and men to learn different skills which pave the path for alternatives to jobs and poverty. The situation has resulted in poverty that affects their capacity to address issues related to health, education, economic development and human rights discrimination.




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01. Women Empowerment through Education & Infrastructure for Peace. (WEEIP) MISEREOR, Germany 2006–2012 ·  540 women skills enhanced (technical trainings) through establishment of 18 Vocational Centers.

·  300 youth skills enhanced through Electrician & Plumbing Trainings

·  48 youth were trained in Bee Keeping and provided Honey Bee boxes

·  Linkages Developed with market for material procurement & Sales of products

02. Small Business Creation & Development Program  (SBCDP) CHIP (SNPO) 2001-2005 ·  600 women & Youth skills enhanced (technical trainings) through formation of Women groups.

·  600 women enhanced their business skill through Enterprise Development Trainings & Business Creation Exercises

·  155 women & Youth started their own small enterprises

·  Linkages Developed with market/ financial institutions

·  Material developed for case studies for successful entrepreneurs

03. Micro Entrepreneur Development program Trickle Up 1997-2000 ·  Provided livelihood support like poultry, live stock & small businesses promotion to 136 families
04. Women Empowerment Project-PK118 SAP – Pk Canada 1997-1999 ·  Social Mobilization

·  108 women skills enhanced (technical trainings) through women centers

·  Capacity Building Trainings (Technical Trainings)

·  Provided Micro Credit to 100 women for establishment of small enterprises

05. Micro Credit ILO 1996 ·  Provided Micro Credit to 100 women for establishment of small enterprises
06. Food for non formal Education European Community through CRS 1996-2002 ·  Social Mobilization

·  Basic education provided to 540 women through 20 Adult Literacy centers

·  540 women aware & trained regarding prevention & cure of diseases, Health & Hygiene sessions at community level.

·  Food distributed to 540 families for 07 years