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Malik Muhammad Akbar is program Development, Planning, Management,  monitoring and evaluation professional, with 22 years of experience in the humanitarian and development sector of Pakistan. He holds a Master’s degree in Political science  from Peshawar University, and he serving Aurat (women) Association as Executive Director Currently, He is engaged in field operations, implementation, proposal writing, report writing and as a liaison to the government and other stakeholders. He helped more than 2000 male and female farmers gain access to their social rights and maintain good relations with their landowners by signing tenancy agreements, along with economic development through on-farm and off-farm activities. His tenure helped develop his leadership, project management, rapport building and monitoring and evaluation skills. Beyond his skills and professionalism, he is very interested in women empowerment through education and social entrepreneurship activities. He has voluntarily organized many sessions at community level to raise awareness for future opportunities for youth in education and development sector. Malik Akbar is an adventurous person, who loves to explore famous places, cultures, meet different people and learn new languages. Being human rights activist he also participated in Pace conference SARRC in India and visited Bangladesh and Nepal for study.