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Disability Program:

Promotes participation and representation of disabled population and improved access to support services in terms of education, health care, and economic empowerment.In the developing countries where most the world population lives, the rapid decline in mortality with little reduction in fertility, under the conditions of underdevelopment, nutritional deficiencies, insufficient coverage for health, inadequate sanitation and safe water facilities, has been contributing to the increasing number of disabled persons. In Pakistan the disabled population has yet not been give importance as active citizens requiring urgent attention in the areas of health, representation, education and economic prosperity. The Hazara Division has also a number of disabled populations after earthquake 2005 which need the attention of civil society, government and community for their development.

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01. Uplift Project for Disabled People (UPDP) Handicap International 2009

·  Establishment of 35 small businesses for people with disabilities (PWDs).

·  Candle making, Sewing and cutting trainings to 61 disabled.

·  Seminars, workshops, cable Network and material development on disabled and their rights.

·  Prizes distribution Ceremonies for successful entrepreneurs.

·  Provision of Assistive Devices through referral services.

·  Formation of 03 Disabled people organization.