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Women Development Program:

Emphasis is to enhance role of women in decision making, access to resources, equal participation in all spheres of life, reduce incidents of human rights and violence against women.

Women contributes a lot in diversified livelihoods activities but they are often not allowed or encouraged to participate in decision making processes and to manage financial resources. The relegation of females to only being implementer and restricting their initiative taking abilities, not only limit their productivity in the family but in the community as a whole. Violence against women is observed especially in the rural areas. Unless women are provided equal opportunities in education and other development interventions such as health, livelihoods, water and sanitation it is difficult to fulfill the agenda of sustainable development in this area.Women empowerment Program

S. # Project Title Donor Duration Outcomes
01. Women Empowerment through Education & Infrastructure for Peace. (WEEIP) MISEREOR, Germany 2006–2012 ·  Social mobilization

·  Awareness raising through seminar, workshops, Interactive Theater & Material Development at community level

·  Basic education were provided to 1053 women through 39 Functional Literacy Centers

02. Women Empowerment Project for Peace. CRS 2002-2005 ·  Social Mobilization

·  Basic education provided to 540 women through 20 Adult Literacy centers

·  540 women were aware & trained regarding prevention & cure of diseases, Health & Hygiene sessions at community level.

·  Awareness raising through Interactive Theater , Group Discussion & Dialogues  at community level

03. Political Awareness HBF 1998-2007 ·  Political Awareness campaign through seminar, workshops & Interactive Theater

·  295 women participated in local government election

·  10 women of AA centers contested election and became councilors